Workshop index

Lathe installation

In which a collection of lathe parts are assembled into something like a working machine tool.

30th May 2019

22nd June 2019

23rd June 2019

29th June 2019

5th July 2019

21st July 2019

26th August 2019

27th August 2019

1st September 2019

7th September 2019

6th November 2019

10th November 2019

13th November 2019

16th November 2019

20th January 2020

Mill encoder upgrade

In which the mill encoders are replaced, improving their resolution from 5μm to 1μm and allowing the full Y travel to be used.

4th June 2020

9th June 2020

16th June 2020

17th June 2020

8th August 2020

31st August 2020 – the old X encoder is removed

1st September 2020 – the full Y travel is foiled again

CNC upgrade

In which the mill and lathe are fitted with motors and drivers, and controlled from software.

25th June 2020

Co-ordinate measuring machine

In which the mill is adapted to serve as a poor man's CMM.

Bench frame

In which a frame is fitted around the bench to improve the lighting and keep flying metal chips out of the electronics lab on the other side of the room.

23rd May 2020

Electronics housing

In which an off-the-shelf case is modified to mount a small PCB.

5th November 2020 – correcting PCB mounting holes

8th November 2020 – modifiying the case

Tripod mount

In which actual paying work is performed.

19th October 2019 – making some parts on the half-assembled lathe

21st October 2019 – finishing the parts on the mill

17th January 2021 – salvaging some stock

18th March 2023 – gripping a soft part

Fun with plastics

In which a hand-wired aluminium part is replaced with a PCB on a polymer base.

3rd June 2023


In which defenceless workshop equipment is generally abused.

30th August 2019 – reducing solvent waste

20th April 2020 – the world's longest jackscrews